Paperbag Pants: Wear Them with Style

The first thing that comes to your head when you think in these pants is comfort. But they can also become one of your most chic pieces, you will wear to the office or for lunch with your friends.

These pants are high-waisted, get gathered in the waist with a belt or bow, and some fabric comes out from the cinched area.

The key is creating balance. These pants give extra volume, so choose a more fitted top. And think about accessories. They will help you to create a more flattering silhouette. But don´t use too many, the pants themselves create a focal point.




1- Your Body Shape

These pants are not for everybody´s silhouettes. Avoid them if you don´t have a defined waist or your extra volume is in your midsection.

2- Your Height/Size

If you are petite, you can get overwhelmed with paperbag pants. Choose cropped styles and be careful they hit no longer than your ankle.

If you are plus size, and you love these pants, opt for a wide-legged pair. And wear it with heels.

3- The Right Top

Paperbag pants tend to be baggy and add volume to your figure. This is why, to create balance, it is better tho choose a fitted top or a cropped one.

To show off your waist and not to add extra volume, tuck your tops in.

And you can wear blazers, cardigans or jackets (not too bulky). But choose them, or cropped or long enough, that hits at your mid-thigh.

4- Accessories

You can add a belt, in case it does´t have a built in one. If you opt for one, it is better to use a thin style.

As we have said, these pants add volume so you can look shorter. To avoid this, wear heels.

These pants create a focal point at your waist, so, if you prefer to take attention to your face, wear statement earrings or a statement necklace.

What do you think about these pants? Will you wear them this summer?

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